Chevaan Daniel – From Typist to Award Winning News Anchor

Name: Chevaan Daniel (@ChevaanDaniel) Role: Group Director at The Capital Maharaja Organization.  Location: Colombo, Sri Lanka Story: Chevaan is a role model for many reasons. He was raised in Sri Lanka and became involved with The Capital Maharaja Organization as a part-time typist in the first instance. Now, Chevaan is a household name, having become a Fulbright […]

Chamika – From Cabin Crew to Sri Lankan Airlines Captain

Name: Chamika Role: Captain with Sri Lankan Airlines Location: Colombo, Sri Lanka Story: Chamika is a Captain with Sri Lankan Airlines. The pilot industry is predominately male dominated however through determination and hard work, she has worked her way up from cabin crew to Captain & is 1 of the ~5% of female pilots with Sri Lankan Airlines. […]