Anya Nanayakkara – a Medical Student living and studying in the US, working to revolutionise health care

Name: Anya Nanayakkara

Role:  Medical Student, and founder of Serendipity Found

Location: Fort Lauderdale, Florida USA

Story: Anya’s passions are diverse and varied, from fashion and travel to inventing and philanthropy. 
She believes that it is imperative for women, especially in male dominated fields, to not lose sight of their individuality.

She says “Society has taught us that a professional woman is safe, appeals to the mainstream, and is covered head-to-toe in neutral versions of men’s professional attire. In order to witness the paradigm shift, we wish to see in our generation, it is vital to honor the uniqueness of our backgrounds, insights, and creativity.”

Her latest project, in Sri Lanka, is conducted through the foundation, Serendipity Found, an organization dedicated to expanding the availability of necessary medical services to underserved populations, worldwide.

They are working in conjunction with the President of the Sri Lankan National Heart Association, Dr. Nimali Fernando, to conduct a health fair in the Kalutara district, which will include screening for diabetes, hypertension, and heart disease; completely free at cost, for the Southern District community.