Asitha Pinnaduwa – a 37 year old inspirational speaker who has organised over 385 community service projects and affected over 16,000 under privileged Sri Lankans

Name: Asitha Pinnaduwa

Age : 37

Role:  ‘Payments Product Manager – Global Liquidity & Cash Management’ at a leading international bank

Location: Colombo, born in Batpola

Story: Asitha is a product of D.S. Senanayake College, Colombo and is presently reading for a ‘Doctor of Business Administration’ at the University of Wales Trinity Saint David (UK).

Alongside this, he has completed a ‘Strategic Leadership’, professional development program at Harvard University, USA in 2017.

His passion is empowering the Sri Lankan youth to become active citizens with character and competencies – to make them believe to dare, dream, achieve and live without limits.

His 15 years of selfless efforts to uphold the lives of Sri Lankans have been accolades with a World award and numerous Sri Lankan awards.

Asitha was born to a low income family, in a remote village deep in Southern Sri Lanka. Nevertheless, he embarked on a mission since 2002.

As a result, to uplift marginalized communities, over a span of 15 years he has organized over 385 community service projects and over 16,000 under privileged Sri Lankans have been directly benefitted.

Asitha’s personal milestones are:

  • being recognized as the “Most Outstanding Young Person Of The Year 2009” (TOYP Award) by Junior Chambers International (JCI) – Sri Lanka and for the Outstanding Leadership, Voluntary Service, Humanitarian Service and Youth Empowerment in Sri Lanka at JCI TOYP Awards in 2009.
  • Being a Leo club president, brought the International fame to Sri Lanka in 2008 by leading the “Leo Club of Colombo Host” to be recognized as the “World’s Best Leo Club”among 210 countries and 1.3 million members. Further Asitha was recognized as one of the top three finalists under the category of “World’s Best Leo Member”during the 91st Annual Lions Club International Convention Bangkok, Thailand.
  • Invited to serve as a Panellist and a Guest speaker at the ‘Next Generation Lending Asia Summit’ organised by International Quality and Productivity Centre (IQPC) – July 2016, Singapore.